Many Things Changes Within Six Month

I was received an email from my colleagues in England with the subject "Berita Oxford". Those email linked to a post on their blog which tells me their activities after leaving Kupang. Yep, it's six month already since their farewell party.

I never thought there's many things changes within those six month. As I never though that I would landed in Kupang for almost three months on that day.

Let's see what changes in me for all of those time, as far as I can remember:
  • I have a courage to quit my last job as IT Consultant on a Software Company. ;)
  • I take a challenge to build a new (open source based) systems and IT infrastructures, started from scratch at a general contractor company.
  • I Switch from Ubuntu to Fedora GNU/Linux distribution. Well, I really like Ubuntu but I love Fedora more.
  • I Switch from NetBeans IDE to Eclipse IDE (w/ JBoss Tools) as I started to learn JAVA Enterprise (J2EE) software development.
  • Now I have a knowledge to implements Samba PDC with Fedora Directory Server (FDS).
  • Using TweetDeck as replacement for twitux (Twitter Client). But since I'm using, now I only need Pidgin for this purpose.
  • Using Thunderbird with Lightning Add On to replace Evolution.
Ok, that was some changes in me and generally, I'm very happy with those changes. How about you? What do you love most with your changes???