New Blogger Template

Inspired by Revolution Wordpress Theme, I'm curious to find a simmilar "Magazine Style" template for Blogspot (Blogger). And thank's to Mr. G, I finally found a very nice and professional Blogger template.

"Ads Theme" are originally designed by Blogging Secret for Wordpress platform and ported to Blogger by eblogtemplates.Well, it's not quite similar to Revolution, but it's enough. I like it's simplicity and clean design.

Well this is not plug and play kind of stuff, I still get a lot of trouble when installing this template on my blog. I have to remove and recreate each widgets so I could use and modified this template. Even it's a hard thing to add more widgets placement at the bottom of sidebar (at least for me).

The good thing is, this template has a lof of ads placements for you who wants to make money online. It has three 125x125px ads placement by default. I added more six at the bottom of sidebar for links exchange.

I use a lot of Blogger hack stuff, maybe all of them you've already know, such as: Popular Posts, Related Articles, Label Cloud, Auto Readmore, etc. Again, this template is great and now I'm using it for this blog.