Delete a Page From PDF Document

For some reason, I have to do this task, "I need to remove one page on a PDF document". With similar queries on Google, I found this page.

Based on that answer, it's almost impossible to do that thing without "The Adobe Acrobat Creator". Anyway, I didn't give up and I tried with another queries and then I found a great tool to do it.

PDF Split and Merge (pdfsam) is free and open source (great :D), JAVA based (even better) tool to split and merge pdf documents. The main functionality of this software is same as the software name, to split and merge PDF document.

How did this tool help me with my purpose? The answer is simple, I just split the PDF document and then re-merge again with the same tool.

For example, if document contain 30 pages and I would like to remove page 13, this is the steps:

  1. Split the document after page 12, so we will get two document from the output. The first split contain 12 pages (1-12) and the second contain 18 pages (13-30).
  2. We split again the second output of the first step after page 1 (it's actually page 13 of the whole document), so we will have another two output. The first split only contain 1 page (which is the page that I would like to remove) and the second split is the rest of the pages.
  3. Merge the first output of the first step and the second output of the second step above with the same tool.
  4. Done
I think this tool is great and very helpful. The best of all, this tool is free, open source and it's written in JAVA.