Compiz Fusion: "Powerful Weapon for Presentation"

I think most all of us have been in this kind of situation. You have to bring your presentation to your manager or your lecturer. Presenting is one of basic human skill that everybody should have. In my case, I bring my presentation for training some audience to use the systems that my office build.

My lecturer said that the art of presentation is about how the audience interest to the presentation. And there is many way to get audience attentions. For example, my lecturer bought a Macbook just to get the 'Wow Effect' of the audience.

And how do I get those attentions? I'm using Linux and Compiz Fusion like this:

Yup, you might notice that I'm running VirtualBox with Microsoft Windows XP installed. I have no choice for that because my office build their software on Windows.

But this is the most interesting part for the audience, especially if they haven't known anything about Linux and it's software. I give them experience about how to running Windows on Linux, and 3D desktop and effects with Compiz Fusion.

I also get the 'Wow Effect' that I want. Most of them will ask "How did you do that? How you make Wobbly Windows? How did you run Windows on Linux?". I just smile and say "Use Linux, and you'll know all of that stuff!"