Which Internet Service?

By the time I wrote this article, I have remove some service on the internet that I didn't use it anymore. Which service is that? Here's the list of service that I still use and I'm not using anymore on the internet.

Email ServiceUsing: Google GMail and Yahoo YMail
Remove: Microsoft Hotmail (fair enough huh ...)

Social NetworkUsing: Orkut (Google)
Remove: Friendster, Facebook

Blogging Platform
Using: Blogger
Remove: Wordpress, Multiply

Using: Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk
Remove: MSN Messenger, ICQ, Skype

Web Albums
Using: Picasa (Google)
Remove: Flickr (Yahoo)

Blog Community
Using: BlogCatalog
Remove: MyBlogLog

I have my own reason why that I'm choosing all of those service. I will create my contact page soon to contain this information on this blog.