Microdia Webcam Driver

Update: 0c45:624f Microdia PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV9650) is supported by default in Fedora 12 stock kernel.

If you reach my blog for searching my old articles about Microdia webcam, I have kept it in archieve-case. With my return to blogger platform, I'm not imported my old articles from Wordpress here.

Please refer to to Microdia Groups for further information about how to get the driver for your system. After you get your self the copy of Microdia webcam driver, let's do some tricks with the source code so the make process has install and uninstall routines.

Open Makefile of your driver source code with your text editor and add this line at bottom:

@echo "Copying module to current kernel library folder..."

@cp microdia.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/media/video/usbvideo/

@echo "Regenerating list of available module..."

@/sbin/depmod -a

@echo "Loading kernel module to memory..."

@/sbin/modprobe microdia

@echo "Done..."


@echo "Unloading kernel module from memory..."

@/sbin/modprobe -r microdia

@echo "Deleting installed module from kernel library..."

@rm -f /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/media/video/usbvideo/microdia.ko

@echo "Regenerating list of available module..."

@/sbin/depmod -a

@echo "Done..."
Now, your driver has install and uninstall routines, so you can install your driver with make install command, and you can also remove the installation of your driver with make uninstall command, both at your driver source code directory.

This addition is for easy-installation and uninstallation steps of the driver only. There's nothing to do with the capability of the driver it self.